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Get Ready To Go From Chaos to Calm
On Your Terms

FIND YOUR INNER CALMDoes Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • Does chronic anxiety, overthinking, or fear of failure keep you stuck?
  • Do you constantly people please but don’t get your own needs met?
  • Do you struggle in relationships and isolate yourself with your problems?
  • Do you numb out with food, alcohol, or screen time in lieu of future dreams?

If so, then keep reading because you are in the right place

Over 40 million adults in the United States struggle with anxiety[1] with the vast majority choosing NOT to seek treatment[2] compromising not only their emotional life, but their health, inviting risks from heart disease to weight gain, and most tragically disrupting their connection with others[3].


Taking That First Step to Break Free of the Chaos Cycle


The Reality is All You Need are the Steps to Find and Keep Emotional Regulation

WHAT'S GOING ON?PAST Trauma Keeps You Stuck in Chronic Anxiety, Shut Down & People Pleasing TODAY

Unresolved trauma has a significant impact on our present-day functioning. Experiences such as childhood neglect, shaming, bullying, coming from a divorced home, or experiencing the loss of a loved one leave lasting scars on our lives.

What’s interesting is that these adverse experiences from our past continue to shape our ability today to trust others, regulate our emotions, and cultivate healthy relationships. In fact, research has demonstrated that they can even have implications for our physical health, life expectancy, and financial well-being. It’s astonishing to realize the wide-ranging effects that our past can have on our present circumstances.

IT'S POSSIBLE TO CHANGEBy taking the first step, we can change how and why we react to uncomfortable situations. You know the ones that we find triggering, infuriating, or crossing the line.

The Inner Calm Project

The New Science of Not Losing Your $hit

In this 8-week course, you will go from feeling lost in a sea of negative emotions to having confidence and agency over your emotional life for deep lasting transformative change. You know…the kind of change where you set the boundaries, and you choose a life of calm on your terms.

It’s time to ditch the pressure of people pleasing and take the steps on this journey that were unavailable to previous generations. Learn how to find and retain balance on your own schedule with guidance from a seasoned professional, on-demand videos, journal prompts, somatic exercises, and the support of a like-minded community

ROADMAP TO REGULATIONIn This Course You Will Learn:

+ The revolutionary new understanding of mental health with the nervous system now front and center
+ How PAST trauma keeps you stuck in anxiety and people-pleasing TODAY
+ How your body speaks to you about its traumatic stress and the two things it needs to regulate
+ How to care for and manage your triggers
+ Align your competing emotional agendas for flow
+ And finally, move OUT OF the chaos and INTO your purpose

What's Inside The Inner Calm Project?

STEP ONEYour Emotional World: This is a Somatic Game

The Revolutionary New Understanding of Your Emotional World

Have you heard of cognitive behavioral therapy? The science is clear now that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and truly managing your chronic anxiety, shut down, and people pleasing starts in the BODY and is the result of unresolved childhood stress aka trauma. Yep, it’s been with you for a long time.

STEP TWOYour Emotional Time Zones:
Your Past is Stuck in Your Body

Understand the term trauma as it relates to your emotional dysregulation.

Every human has trauma and that unresolved childhood stress living in the body is actually trying to protect you today … out of your thinking awareness. Chronic anxiety, people pleasing, and shut downs ARE trauma responses so learning about trauma is ESSENTIAL to your healing.

STEP THREEYour Emotional Dashboard:
Your Body is Trying to Tell you Something

Learn how your body speaks its traumatic stress to you and the two things it needs to regulate.

Learn the body’s language of traumatic stress and the two things it needs to move forward into emotional regulation. This isn’t thought work, it’s befriending and speaking the language of the BODY.

STEP FOURYour Emotional Reflexes:
What to Do When You’re Triggered

Learn how to caretake these triggers of traumatic stress towards the one thing they need for long term emotional regulation

Triggers won’t stop until they are reparented. Learn how to care for these triggers of traumatic stress towards the one thing they need for long-term emotional regulation.

STEP FIVEYour Emotional Negotiators:
Manage Your Emotions Like a (Great) Boss

Align your competing emotional parts - your protectors and connectors - for internal organization and sustained emotional regulation

Align your protectors and connectors to experience the magical flow state of internal organization to move FORWARD into the life you were meant to live, on your terms.

STEP SIXYour Emotional Immune System:
Keep the Emotional Peace for Good

Anchor your emotional regulation to your two personalized purpose emotions to live a life of regulation for good.

Ignite continued movement forward with your two purpose emotions for a life of authenticity, quality connections, and optimism toward your goals today, tomorrow and long into the future.

PLUS COMMUNITYHeal your past for a beautiful future during weekly community conversations.

Our small group community check-ins are a safe space to share your thoughts, get feedback, or just listen and learn what is helping others.

With me, Allison Hulett, as your guide, you’ll find a safe therapeutic environment, illuminating psychoeducation, and encouraging support in our weekly virtual meeting where we’ll laugh, share experiences, and explore what lies ahead with each step you take. It is possible to bounce back better than before.

+ Weekly drops of educational videos & journal prompts to understand yourself in a brand new way
+ Weekly one-hour Zoom calls led by me, a seasoned professional
+ Q & A over the current week’s step
+ Insights from observing others and the results they are seeing
+ Support from a small community of like-minded individuals

The research is clear – psychoeducation and a safe community are essential to healing trauma and I’ve got you covered on all fronts here.


See what others are saying
about finding their inner calm
on their own terms

"After coming to you a few times I felt you were different than other therapists I’ve seen. You have educated me about trauma and how it affects me and I’ve learned coping skills. You also listen and give me feedback that I’ve never received before.
"I have had a lot of "ah ha" moments. I feel a lot better about my worthiness and that it is okay to set boundaries, even though it feels icky still. I am worth to have my wants and needs met. I like that you talk about your own experiences and examples that make me feel that I am not "alone" in my experiences and traumas. You suggest readings that have helped open my eyes more. I truly feel that I am finally doing the "work" to heal."
"I no longer search for validation and comfort/regulation in others or via alcohol/food. By getting to the root causes of WHY I was behaving in ways that weren't healthy, you taught me how to intrinsically regulate myself and the importance of co-regulation in that equation. When I have a hard day or am experiencing really hard emotions, I no longer view them as world-ending. I notice and am curious about those emotions without letting them push me over the edge. I know HOW to regulate myself down from over-stimulation, how to set proper boundaries, and how to work through really tough emotions or thoughts."
"Come open and honest, do the work, and you WILL see your life change in a beautiful way!"
Allison Hulett, Creator of the Inner Calm Project: The New Science of How Not Lose Your $shit

HI THEREI'm Allison Hulett

My approach pulls from the latest in neuroscience, what we now understand about the brain and nervous system, to help clients go beyond coping and actually progress toward real and lasting change.

I have provided trauma-informed clinical social work to adults, children, and youth in numerous settings in Houston, Boston, and New York navigating individuals exhibiting mood and anxiety disorders, and trauma responses.

In the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, I decided to listen to my calling and true purpose, and I began direct services again serving individuals struggling with chronic anxiety due to developmental trauma, focusing now on adults, applying the same new science that I’ll be teaching you during this 8-week course. 

In this course, you’ll find straight talk from someone you can trust to be real and honest as you take the steps to move forward in finding your own inner calm.

IT'S POSSIBLE TO CHANGEBy taking the first step, we can change how and why we react to uncomfortable situations. You know the ones that we find triggering, infuriating, or crossing the line.


You ALWAYS Have Options

Choose the plan that works best for YOU so you can move forward & take the first steps to seeing and feeling lasting RESULTS!

Enrollment Closes on Januar 6, 2024!

You Have Questions. I have Answers.

Here are few commonly asked questions about The Inner Calm Project:

How Do I know The Inner Calm Project is For Me?

If you suffer from chronic anxiety, people pleasing and have difficulty setting healthy boundaries for yourself, then this is the course for you.

I’m busy. Can I complete this course on my own time?

You will need to devote time each week to completing the steps provided along with journal prompts, and one weekly Zoom call with an intimate community of like-minded individuals to get the most out of this course. *Steps will be released weekly, not all at once.

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with sharing my experiences much less getting on a Zoom call. Should I do this course?

Yes! The research is clear – psychoeducation and safe community are essential to healing trauma and I’ve got you covered on all fronts here. This is not a traditional “support group” but a structured hour with me as the lead at all times. You can ask questions or do your work in a safe environment. But if you simply want to observe that is completely okay. Any way you show up, you’ll have an opportunity for results. 

“This has been an incredible investment and the best decision I could’ve made for myself.”

– Anonymous


Class begins January 15, 2024!

It's time to take the first step in claiming your inner calm on your terms. You CAN learn the very same steps that have helped countless clients of mine over the years embrace their self-worth, set healthy boundaries, and start living a life on their terms.

Enrollment Closes on January 6, 2024!

[1] Anxiety Disorders – Facts and Statistics. Anxiety & Depression Association of America. Accessed 9/7/2023.
[2] Anxiety disorders are often very treatable, but more than 60% of people do not seek treatment for it. Facts and Statistics About Anxiety Disorders. CHC Online. Accessed 9/7/2023.3 Stress effects on the body.
[3] American Psychological Association, Last updated: March 8, 2023 

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